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Lorraine D. Boehm, BSN, MSN, RN, CCRN, NPD-BC, WCC, former TNCC

I had the privilege of working at Elmhurst Hospital for 47 years as an RN staff nurse, head nurse, nurse manager, and nurse educator in the Pediatric units, Medical Surgical division, Critical Care and Progressive Care units, Emergency Department, Perioperative areas, Radiology and Simulation Lab. Elmhurst also gave me the opportunity and means to advance my career through formal education, and professional knowledge and skills through several committee memberships and special assignments. My life at Elmhurst has been the most rewarding experience of my professional life.

Elmhurst Hospital is a unique institution. As the second oldest public hospital in NYC Health + Hospital facilities, Elmhurst is celebrating it’s 190th anniversary. It serves nearly one million people in Northwestern Queens, the most diverse multiethnic and multicultural community in the nation. Patients speak nearly 150 different languages, have multiple religious affiliations, and widely spread socioeconomic demographics. We are consistently over census and have to operate under financial constraints, and a times with limited resources.

In spite of these multifold challenges, the outstanding multidisciplinary Elmhurst staff holds patient care and their families in the highest regard. They earnestly strive every day to fulfill their responsibilities to the utmost with the bottom-line to maintain and improve quality patient care through mindful and conscientious resource management and educational activities addressing policies, procedures, equipment, and the complexities of providing care to a mosaic of patient demographics.

Despite its size and complexity, the Elmhurst staff has retained the feel of a caring and loving family, working together through good times and bad to provide a vitally needed service to the community. I’m honored and proud to be a member of the Elmhurst Hospital family, where I have made lifelong valued friendships and colleagues that I hold dear to my heart.

Upon my retirement in 2020, I welcomed the opportunity to join the Auxiliary to give back a small part of what Elmhurst Hospital has given me, and continue to be part of the great work it does every day. My husband, who has shared in my Elmhurst Hospital journey over these many years, has proudly joined along with me.


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